On Horseback

A hoursride to discover the beautiful landscape

A six-kilometer long horse ride through the woods and prairies of the valley is a unique experience, which begins in the spring of 2008. Led by a qualified instructor and without specific technical requirements, thanks to this wonderful horseback ride, you can find an harmony with the intact and diverse landscape of the valley.

Starting from the homonymous manège of the Barbuio’s Family, you can ride in the direction of Val Grande, and after crossing two open-pit fields , the gates of the natural reserve will open for you. From here, you can observe a wonderful natural scenery, with perfumes of various plants and flowers which get blurred with the saltiness of the sea, together with the bright colors of anthropogenic forest.

Instead of the other routes, in this case it will be harder to spot animals, temperamentally fearful and accustomed to the quietness of this place. On horseback, you can enter into the secret – and dense of trees – paths, springing suddenly in open spaces and long stretches of land. After reaching the two piers, you can see yourself in the highest point of the Valley, the” Mottaron dei Frati” with the finds of a Roman Villa; here you can return back to the manège through a long sandy main road that ideally cuts in halves the forest, facing funny ups and downs shaped by the enormous and natural dunes.