Discover a hidden landscape

The hike is led by an expert guide and it starts from a fixed point: the Restaurant “Ai Lecci”, where a quick visit to the interior Valley’s Museum, is a good starting point that shortly lets the visitors identify themselves with the historical tradition of the Valais, the inhabitants of the fishing and hunting Valley.

From here, you can lose yourself into the wood, a prodigious harmony of flora and fauna that you can meet through a peaceful journey of three kilometers. Here nature is pristine, thanks to the constant attention of the owners who wanted to save a green lung in the city.
The first stop is the sighting of the lake: a water surface of 260 hectares, where the eye gets lost trying to find the boundaries. The lake is rich in migratory and wintering waterfowls, and it is also the home of swans, ducks and birds of various species: you will be captured by a unique show! After a couple of hundred meters, we find the oldest evidence of the history of Bibione: the archaeological finds of a Roman seaside villa, emerged in the 90s, which represents the ancient past with its mosaics and history. From here, you can go up to the “Mottaron dei frati”, the highest point of the Valley (eleven meters above the sea level) and the maximum height of the entire Po’s waterside.

If you cross the two piers, you can find yourself in oak-and-sandy areas, where you could have the luck to meet wild horses, pheasants and-for the most careful and lucky visitors- deer and squirrels. After a circular route of about 45 minutes, you will go back to the starting point with an additional experience to tell about your vacation.